Triple Nose Piercings Guide: Pain, Cost, FAQs, Ideas & Aftercare Tips

Wearing Split Triple Nose Piercing

So, you’ve heard of triple nose piercings, right?

They’re becoming quite the trend these days. Just like adding more sprinkles to your favorite ice cream, it’s all about more sparkle. But before you jump into it, let me tell you: it’s not just about the looks. It’s crucial to know what you’re getting into.

What is a Triple Nose Piercing?

Imagine not one, not two, but three shiny studs or rings on your nose. That’s a triple nose piercing for you! It’s like the ultimate level-up in the nose piercing game. Now, this isn’t something new. Cultures from around the world have been decorating their noses for centuries. For some, it’s a rite of passage, and for others, it’s a bold fashion statement.

The Aesthetics: Positioning and Styling

When it comes to triple nose piercings, it’s all about how you place them. You could have them in a straight line, form a tiny triangle, or any design you fancy. Just like picking a dress for a special day, choosing the right jewelry is vital. Studs can give a subtle shine, while rings can make a bolder statement. It’s like the difference between wearing sneakers or high heels; both are fabulous in their own way.

3 Nose Piercings

Triple Nose Piercing – Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1: The Consult With Your Piercer

Before you get anything done, you’ll have a sit-down with your piercer. Think of this as a mini-meeting. You’ll chat about where exactly those piercings will go and the jewelry you’ll start with. It’s a bit like planning where to put the furniture in a new room.

Step 2: Prep Time

Next up, your piercer will clean the area. No one wants any nasty surprises, right? They’ll also mark the spots with a pen. It’s like marking the spot for hanging a picture. You’ve got to get it just right!

Step 3: The Main Event – The Piercing

Here’s where the magic happens. Your piercer will make the punctures and slide in your chosen jewelry. It’s quick, like ripping off a band-aid. Before you know it, you’ll be sparkling thrice as nice!

Step 4: After the Show

Once the piercing is done, your piercer will give you the 411 on how to take care of your new shiny additions. This part? Super important. It’s like learning how to water a new plant. You want to keep it happy and healthy.

Triple Nose Piercing – Video Procedure

Triple Nose Piercing: Both Sides vs. One Side

Triple Nose Piercing on Both Sides

Going for a symmetrical look?

This is your pick. Imagine two sparkling studs (or rings) on each side of your nose. It’s like having a balanced artwork on your face. Perfect for those who love symmetry and making a bold statement.

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Triple Nose Piercing on One Side

If you’re leaning towards a more clustered, edgy style, this is for you. Three piercings, all on one side, can create a striking focal point. It’s akin to wearing a statement earring on one ear. Unique, stylish, and a tad rebellious.

Triple Nose Piercing on one side
Triple Nose Piercings

The Pain Factor: What to Expect

Okay, let’s talk pain. Ever stubbed your toe on the corner of a table? Or got a paper cut? Everyone feels pain differently. Some say it’s like a quick pinch, others think it’s a bit more intense. But the consensus? It’s a fleeting moment. It’s there and then it’s gone, like a summer rain shower.

How Much Does a Triple Nose Piercing Cost?

When you’re considering a triple nose piercing, one of the first things that might pop into your mind is, “How much is this going to set me back?” Well, let’s break it down.

The Average Price

On average, a triple nose piercing can cost anywhere from $40 to $100. But remember, that’s just a ballpark figure.

Factors That Influence the Cost

  1. Location, Location, Location: Just like real estate, where you get the piercing matters. In a big city? Expect to pay a bit more. Smaller towns might offer a deal, but they might not have as many options.
  2. Expertise Matters: Think about it. Would you pay more for a haircut from a celebrity stylist versus a newbie? It’s the same with piercers. A seasoned professional might charge more, but you’re also paying for their experience and skill.
  3. Jewelry Choice: Gold, silver, titanium… the list goes on. Your choice of material and design can change the price. It’s like choosing between a regular watch and a Rolex; both tell time, but they’re priced differently.
triple nose piercings

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Piercer

Why Not Just Any Piercer?

When it comes to getting a piercing, especially something as unique as a triple nose piercing, the stakes are high. You want someone who knows their stuff!

The Risks of Amateur Hour

Amateur piercers might be cheaper, but there’s a cost. We’re talking potential infections, misplaced piercings, or even damage. It’s like letting a newbie cook handle a gourmet meal; things could go wrong.

The Perks of Picking a Pro

Opting for a seasoned expert is like choosing a chef with a Michelin star. They’ve got the experience, skill, and knowledge. Plus, they can guide you, answer your questions, and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Triple Nose Piercing Guide
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Aftercare Tips for Quick Healing

Your New Routine

Just get your piercing?

Great! Now, think of it like a new pet. It needs some TLC. Clean it with saline solution twice daily. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. And, hands off! No touching.

Things to Steer Clear Of

Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs – they’re germ pools. Also, dodge any skincare products with alcohol around the area; they’re too harsh. It’s a bit like avoiding spicy food after a tooth extraction.

Common Complications & Solutions

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Some redness? Normal. But if it’s oozing, overly painful, or has an odd color, that’s a sign something’s up. It’s like when your car makes a weird noise; you know it’s time to check it out.

Doctor’s Visit: When to Schedule One

If things don’t improve after a week, or if it’s getting worse, head to a doctor. Better safe than sorry, right?

Changing and Upgrading Jewelry

When Can You Switch Things Up?

Patience is key. Wait until it’s fully healed – usually a few months. It’s like waiting for a cake to cool before you frost it.

Silver Triple Ball Cluster Nose Ring

Changing It Right

When you’re ready, ensure your hands and the new jewelry are clean. Gently remove the old piece and slide in the new one. If you’re unsure, your piercer can help. It’s like asking a stylist for help with a tricky outfit.

triple nose piercing ideas- Nostril, septum, and high nostril piercing


How long does a triple nose piercing take to heal completely?

Well, think of it like a minor wound. With proper care, it generally takes a few months. But remember, everyone’s body is different, so it might be quicker for some and longer for others.

Can I sleep on the side of my piercing during the initial days?

I’d advise against it. It’s a bit like sleeping on a freshly painted wall – you might not like what you wake up to. It is best to avoid any pressure on the new piercing to ensure it heals well.

What materials are best for the initial jewelry?

Titanium, surgical steel, or gold are typically your best bets. They’re like the cotton of the fabric world – less likely to cause irritation.

Is it normal for the piercing to itch during the healing process?

A little itch now and then? Totally normal. It’s like the feeling you get when a small scab is healing. But if it’s constant or very intense, you might want to check with your piercer.

How often should I clean my triple nose piercing?

At least twice a day. Think of it as brushing your teeth; it’s a non-negotiable for keeping things fresh and infection-free.


So, we’ve embarked on quite the journey, haven’t we? From understanding the allure of the triple nose piercing to the nitty-gritty of care, one thing’s crystal clear: knowledge is power. You wouldn’t start without reading the instructions, right? Similarly, diving into the world of triple nose piercings without being informed is a recipe for trouble.

But, when done right? Oh, the rewards! The unique style, the personal statement, and the added sparkle to your features.

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