7mm Vs 8mm Nose Ring – Finding the Perfect Fit

7mm vs 8mm Nose Ring

Choosing the right nose ring size can be challenging. Ever found yourself in front of the mirror, pondering between a 7mm or 8mm ring?

Get it wrong, and it’s not just about looks—it might be uncomfortable, even leading to soreness or infection.

Many delve into endless internet searches, ending up even more puzzled with no definitive answers.

Enter this guide, your comprehensive solution to understanding 7mm and 8mm nose rings.

We’ll delve into:

  • Nose Ring Sizes: A quick overview.
  • The 7mm & 8mm Nose Rings: Their unique features.
  • Detailed Comparison: A side-by-side look.
  • Factors to Consider: Making the best choice for you.
  • The Verdict: Concluding which size might suit you best.
  • FAQs: Your top questions answered.

By the end, you’ll have the clarity needed to pick your ideal fit with confidence!

Nose Ring Sizes:

From their ancient roots as symbols of marital or economic status in regions like the Middle East, India, and parts of Africa, nose rings have come a long way. Today, they represent personal style, identity, and sometimes, rebellion. But before diving into the specifics of 7mm and 8mm sizes, let’s understand the basics. The measurements, 7mm, and 8mm represent the diameter of the nose ring’s circular part. It’s akin to selecting a snug pair of shoes; you need the perfect fit to walk comfortably.

The 7mm Nose Ring:

A 7mm nose ring is a circular piece of jewelry with a diameter of 7mm, often favored for its subtle and delicate appearance on the nose.

A Closer Look at 7mm:

A 7mm nose ring, often seen as the more delicate option, is for those who cherish subtlety. It defines understated elegance. While it may seem just a millimeter’s difference from its 8mm counterpart, that tiny millimeter can drastically influence its appearance and fit. It hugs the nostril, offering a minimalist look that doesn’t shout for attention but instead, subtly garners it.

Women Double Hoop Nose Ring Single Pierced
Image: 7mm Nose Ring

Benefits of the 7mm Nose Ring:

  • Subtle Aesthetics: It offers an understated look, making it a choice for lovers of minimalism.
  • Comfort Fit: Especially for those with smaller nostril openings, the 7mm ensures the jewelry doesn’t feel too loose.
  • Versatility: Due to its size, it’s suitable for various occasions, be it professional settings or casual outings.
  • Reduced Risk of Snagging: It’s snug fit means there’s a lower chance of it getting caught in clothing or towels.

Potential Drawbacks of 7mm:

  • Might Feel Too Tight: For some with larger nostrils, it could feel restrictive.
  • Less Noticeable: Those wanting a bolder statement might find it too subtle.
  • Risk of Embedding: If not fitted properly, there’s a chance it can embed in the skin, especially for those with thicker nostrils.

The 8mm Nose Ring:

An 8mm nose ring boasts a diameter of 8mm and is typically chosen by those looking to make a slightly bolder statement with their piercing.

When it comes to personal style, size matters. As with the 7mm, the 8mm nose ring holds its own set of distinct attributes, ones that make it stand out—literally and figuratively.

8mm Real Gold Ball Small Hoop Nose Ring
Image: 8mm Nose Ring

Let’s venture deeper into what the 8mm brings to the table.

A Closer Look at 8mm

The 8mm nose ring, slightly larger in diameter, is not just a piece of jewelry but a statement piece. Its more pronounced size makes it a go-to for those who want their piercing to take center stage. It’s commonly used by those who have a bolder aesthetic and aren’t afraid to let their nose ring do the talking.

Ideal for individuals with fuller noses, the 8mm ensures that the ring doesn’t appear too small or get lost amidst facial features. It proportionately fits, accentuating the nose in a balanced manner.

Benefits of the 8mm Nose Ring

  • More pronounced: This size undoubtedly stands out, making it perfect for those looking to make a style statement.
  • Less risk of embedding: Thanks to its larger size, there’s a reduced chance of the ring embedding into the skin, ensuring both a trendy look and safety.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Might feel too large for some: Those with petite noses or who prefer a subtler look might find the 8mm a tad overwhelming.
  • Subtlety could be compromised: If you’re someone who leans towards delicate jewelry, the 8mm might come off as too bold for your taste.

7mm vs 8mm nose ring – Detailed Comparison Table

Criteria7mm Nose Ring8mm Nose Ring
AppearanceDelicate and subtleBolder and more noticeable
Ideal for Nose SizeSmaller nostrilsFuller noses
ComfortSnug fit, reduced risk of snagging for smaller nostrilsMight fit more comfortably for broader nostrils
VersatilitySuitable for various occasions, leans towards a professional settingMakes a stronger statement, ideal for those wanting to stand out
Industry PreferenceRecommended for first-timers due to its subtletyFavored by those seeking a standout piece
PriceDepends on material, craftsmanship, brand (not size)Depends on material, craftsmanship, brand (not size)
Material OptionsSurgical steel, titanium, gold, silver, bioplastSurgical steel, titanium, gold, silver, bioplast
Switching PossibilityCan move to 8mm after initial healingCan switch to 7mm if desired and fits comfortably
7mm vs 8mm nose ring – Detailed Comparison Table

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between 7mm and 8mm

When you’re on the verge of making a choice between the 7mm and 8mm nose ring, it can feel as perplexing as standing at a crossroads. But fear not! I’ve narrowed it down to some essential factors you should consider, ensuring your nose ring complements you perfectly.

Your Nose Shape and Size

Much like how you’d select a pair of sunglasses to suit your face shape, your nose’s shape and size play a pivotal role in choosing the right ring. Every nose is unique. Some of us have slender nostrils, while others have a broader bridge. A 7mm might hug smaller nostrils gracefully, whereas an 8mm could complement a fuller nose. It’s all about balance and ensuring the ring doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm your features.

Desired Look

Now, let’s talk style. What’s the statement you’re trying to make? If you’re someone who appreciates the delicate whispers of subtlety, the 7mm might be your best bet. But if you’re looking to stand out, to make a bold statement with every turn of your head, then the 8mm will serve you well. Remember, it’s not just jewelry; it’s an extension of your personality.


Let’s face it; While style is crucial, comfort is paramount. You could have the most beautiful nose ring, but if it feels like a tiny vice on your nostril, it won’t be worth it. Always ask yourself: Can I wear this all day without feeling a pinch? Does it sit snugly without pressing too hard? Both 7mm and 8mm have their merits, but your comfort should always take precedence.

Industry Insights: What the Professionals Say

In my years of dabbling in nose jewelry, I’ve had the privilege to chat with numerous piercing professionals. And guess what? The 7mm vs. 8mm debate is even a hot topic among them! Many experts lean towards the 7mm for first-timers, citing its subtlety and ease of adaptability. However, others advocate for the 8mm, especially for those looking for a standout piece. The consensus? It often boils down to individual preference and anatomy.

Personal Experience: My Journey with Nose Rings

Ah, where do I begin? My tryst with nose rings started a decade ago. Initially, I was smitten by the 7mm, its delicate charm perfectly echoing my then-reserved personality. But as the years rolled by and I evolved, so did my style. I transitioned to an 8mm, embracing its boldness. Yet, each size has given me unique memories, teaching me that it’s not just about size but the journey of self-discovery it represents.

Common Misconceptions About Nose Ring Sizes

In the vast world of nose jewelry, myths abound. One common misconception?

“Bigger sizes are more painful.” Not true! Pain is often more about the piercing process and less about the size. Another myth is that “7mm is only for women and 8mm for men.”

Again, a baseless stereotype. Jewelry knows no gender; it’s all about what resonates with you. Always remember to differentiate between myths and facts, ensuring your nose ring journey is based on informed choices.

The Verdict: Which One is Right for You?

Choosing between the 7mm and 8mm nose rings is more than just a sizing decision—it’s about personal style and comfort. Both sizes have their merits, appealing uniquely to each individual. While considering factors like your nose’s shape and your desired look, it’s crucial to trust your instincts. But remember, a chat with a professional piercer can provide invaluable insights to help you make the best choice.


Is there a significant price difference between 7mm and 8mm nose rings?

Typically, the price difference isn’t due to the size but rather the material, craftsmanship, and brand. Both 7mm and 8mm rings can range in price based on these factors.

Can I switch sizes easily once I’ve chosen one?

Absolutely! But it’s essential to ensure your piercing has healed entirely before you make the switch. Once healed, you can experiment with different sizes to find the perfect fit.

What materials are typically used for these nose ring sizes?

Both sizes come in a variety of materials including surgical steel, titanium, gold, silver, and even bioplast. It’s crucial to choose a material that you’re not allergic to and one that promotes healing.

How do I know if my nose ring is too tight or too loose?

Listen to your body. If the ring pinches, causes discomfort or gets embedded, it might be too tight. Conversely, if it moves around too much or there’s a risk of it falling out, it could be too loose.

Can I start with a 7mm and move to an 8mm as my piercing heals?

Indeed! Starting with a 7mm can be great for those seeking a subtle look initially. As your piercing heals and you get used to the jewelry, transitioning to an 8mm can offer a bolder statement.


The journey through the world of nose rings – from their historical significance to the modern-day style statements – has been nothing short of enlightening. Whether you lean towards the delicate charm of the 7mm or the assertive allure of the 8mm, always remember it’s a deeply personal choice. But like any significant decision in life, it doesn’t hurt to consult those in the know. Reach out to professionals, and discuss with friends, but at the end of the day, choose what feels right for you.

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