How to Sleep with a Nose Piercing

How to Sleep with a Nose Piercing

A nose piercing is a striking way to express yourself. But it comes with a challenge: ensuring a restful sleep while caring for the new addition. So, how do you balance the need for sleep with the responsibility of taking care of your new piercing? This is the question we’ll tackle.

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our health and well-being. It helps in the healing and repairing of our heart and blood vessels, supports mental health, and enhances our mood. With a new nose piercing, sleep becomes even more critical, as our bodies heal faster during rest. Thus, ensuring a good night’s sleep is crucial for the healing process of your piercing.

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Understanding Your New Nose Piercing

Types of Nose Piercings

Nose piercings come in various types – nostril, septum, bridge, and more. Each type requires specific care and attention, especially during sleep. Understanding your piercing type can help you take better care of it.

The Healing Process

How to Sleep with a Nose Piercing

The healing process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the type of piercing and individual healing rates. During this time, your piercing is prone to infections and injuries, making appropriate care vital.

Challenges in Sleeping with a New Nose Piercing

New piercings can be somewhat uncomfortable when trying to sleep. You might experience pain or discomfort, and there’s always the fear of the piercing getting tugged or dislodged during sleep. But don’t worry, with a few careful steps, these challenges can be managed effectively.

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Practical Guide to Sleeping with a Nose Piercing

Preparing Your Sleeping Area

Start by ensuring your sleeping area is clean to cut the chances of infection. Clean your bedding, and if possible, use hypoallergenic materials to avoid irritations.

Positioning Your Body

Avoid sleeping on the side of the new piercing. Try to sleep on your back or the other side, depending on the location of your piercing. This can prevent unnecessary pressure and friction on the piercing area, reducing the risk of irritation or displacement.

Use of Piercing-Friendly Pillows

Investing in a piercing-friendly pillow, such as a travel pillow, can be a great idea. You can place your ear in the hole of the pillow, keeping the piercing free from pressure.

Maintaining Hygiene

Before going to bed, clean your piercing according to the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer. This might include cleaning with a saline solution or a specific type of piercing cleaning solution.

Regular Piercing Care

Aside from nighttime care, regular piercing care is crucial in ensuring a smooth healing process. Don’t touch your piercing with dirty hands, keep it clean, and don’t swap jewelry until it’s fully healed.

Pro Tip: Using a saline nasal spray before bed can keep your nose piercing clean, and hydrated, and expedite the healing process. Always consult your piercer before starting any new cleaning regimen.

What to Avoid When Sleeping with a Nose Piercing

Avoid sleeping face-down as it could apply unnecessary pressure on the piercing and increase the risk of it getting dislodged or causing an injury. Additionally, stay away from alcohol and caffeine as they can interfere with your sleep quality and the healing process.

Dealing with Potential Issues

Infections and Irritations

If signs like redness, swelling, or discharge appear, see your piercer or a doctor right away.

Dislodged Piercing

If your piercing gets dislodged while sleeping, don’t try to reinsert it yourself, especially if it’s a new piercing. Contact your piercer for advice.

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Can I sleep with a new nose piercing?

It is generally recommended to avoid sleeping on your new nose piercing during the initial healing period. The pressure and friction from sleeping on it can potentially irritate the piercing and prolong the healing process. It’s best to find a comfortable sleeping position that avoids direct contact with the piercing.

How can I protect my nose ring while sleeping?

To protect your nose ring while sleeping, consider using a travel pillow or a donut-shaped pillow. These pillows provide a space for your nose, allowing you to sleep comfortably without putting pressure on the piercing. You can also try using a clean, soft cloth or bandage to cover the piercing to prevent it from getting caught on the bedding or pillowcase.

Can I sleep on my face with a nose piercing?

Sleeping on your face, especially with a new nose piercing, is generally not recommended. The pressure and rubbing against the piercing can cause irritation, and pain, and potentially delay the healing process. It’s best to avoid sleeping directly on your face until your nose piercing has fully healed.

Should you take nose piercings out at night?

Should you remove your nose piercing at night? It depends. If it’s still healing, leave it in to avoid closure or reinsertion issues. Once healed, you may take it out for comfort. Remember to clean the piercing and jewelry before putting it back in.

Can I sleep on my side after getting a nose piercing?

If possible, avoid sleeping on the side of the new piercing to reduce the risk of irritation or displacement.

How often should I clean my new nose piercing?

Typically, a new piercing should be cleaned twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. However, always follow the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer.


Sleeping with a new nose piercing might seem challenging, but with the right precautions and care, it can be managed effectively. Remember, the key is to maintain cleanliness and avoid any undue pressure on the piercing. Happy healing and sweet dreams!

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