What Necklace to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress & Complementing Jewelry Choices

Necklace to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress

One-shoulder dresses are stunning.


But figuring out the right necklace to match can be tricky. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle where the wrong piece can spoil the whole look. We’ve all been there, and it’s frustrating.

I’m a professional stylist with years of experience in the fashion industry, and I understand this struggle. That’s why I’ve put together this guide on “What Necklace to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress & Complementing Jewelry Choices”.

We’ll explore which necklace styles work best and which ones to avoid. Plus, I’ll offer tips on how to match other jewelry pieces too. This guide is the result of my years of experience and a keen eye for fashion.

So, let’s get started and bring out the best in your one-shoulder dress!

Here’s our quick answer on what necklace to Wear With a one-Shoulder dress and accessorize it:

When you’re choosing a necklace for a one-shoulder dress, I’d suggest something that complements the unique neckline without overwhelming it. Maybe consider a choker or a delicate pendant that sits close to your neck. However, if your dress is heavily adorned, sometimes the best choice is to go without a necklace and opt for standout earrings.

Key Takeaways:

  • One-shoulder dresses are stunning on their own, but the right accessories can make your outfit truly shine. It’s crucial to keep balance in mind when accessorizing.
  • When choosing a necklace, opt for one that complements the unique neckline without overwhelming it. Chokers or pendant necklaces that sit close to your neck are often a great choice.
  • If your dress is heavily adorned, you might want to consider skipping the necklace and going for a pair of standout earrings. Remember, earrings are a must, regardless of whether you choose to wear a necklace.
  • Bracelets and rings can add an elegant touch to your outfit. As always, keep in mind the overall balance and ensure they blend in with your other accessories.
  • Don’t shy away from mixing metals like gold and silver. This can add a modern, edgy twist to your outfit.
  • When styling a one-shoulder dress, avoid large shoulder bags, chunky necklaces, shawls, and scarves. These items can clash with the dress’s design and take away from its uniqueness.
  • Your hairstyle plays a crucial role too. Choose styles that highlight the asymmetrical design of your dress, like side-swept waves, a sleek ponytail, or a messy bun.
  • Finally, do a last look-over to ensure your outfit is balanced, and your accessories highlight rather than overshadow your one-shoulder dress.

The Importance of Balance

The trick to accessorizing any outfit lies in finding balance. With a one-shoulder dress, you need to avoid heavy necklaces that clutter the neckline. Aim to accent the dress, not outshine it. I’ll show you how to do that.

Necklace for One-Shoulder Dress

Necklace to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress
Image Source: hairstylecamp.com

Choosing the right necklace can be a challenge due to the asymmetry of the dress. You need something that complements the unique neckline. Let’s delve into your best options.

Jewelry to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress

A necklace that hangs too long can interfere with the dress’s design. Ideally, pick a necklace that sits close to your neck to harmonize with the dress’s unique cut.

Let’s dive deeper into some necklace options that effortlessly combine style, comfort, and perfect compatibility with your one-shoulder dress

Choker Necklace – A Must-have for One-Shoulder Dresses

Choker Necklace for One-Shoulder Dress
Choker NecklaceCheck out Prices at Amazon

Chokers work wonderfully with one-shoulder dresses. Why? They highlight your neck and shoulders without clashing with the dress. Their popularity and versatility make them a smart choice for nearly any outfit.

Pendant Necklace – Minimalist Chic

Pendant Necklace for
Pendant Necklace

Not a fan of chokers? Consider a pendant necklace with a minimalist design. Opt for a thin chain that ends just below your collarbone. It adds sparkle without stealing the show from your dress.

Statement Necklace – Unleash Your Bold Side

Feeling bold? A statement necklace could be your answer. It can elevate your look, but ensure it doesn’t overpower your dress. Balance is crucial, remember?

No Necklace Option

Do you prefer a less-is-more approach? If your dress is heavily adorned, or you love minimalist fashion, skip the necklace. Instead, you can choose standout earrings.

Complementing Earrings

Whether you decide to wear a necklace or not, earrings are essential. They add balance to your look. You can opt for studs for a subtle approach, or dangle earrings for more flair. Just make sure they coordinate with your other jewelry.

Choosing the Right Bracelet – An Elegant Addition

With a one-shoulder dress, a bracelet can add an elegant touch. Select one that complements your dress and other jewelry. Too chunky or too many bracelets can detract from your look.

Ring Choices

Rings are another accessory to consider. Simple bands or statement rings, it’s up to you. But, they should blend with your other jewelry choices.

The Art of Mixing Metals

Think you can’t mix gold and silver? Think again! Mixing metals can add a fun, modern twist to your outfit. Just ensure it looks intentional and harmonious.

Final Outfit Check

Once you’ve chosen your jewelry, take a step back and review your overall look. Is it balanced? Does it highlight your one-shoulder dress? If yes, you’ve nailed it!

Hairstyles for One-Shoulder Dress

What Necklace to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress & Complementing Jewelry Choices
Image Source: Byrdie

So, you’ve chosen a fabulous one-shoulder dress and the perfect jewelry to match.

But what about your hair?

Here’s a little secret: The right hairstyle can elevate your look even further. But, of course, not just any hairstyle will do.

Let’s dive into the best options.

Side-Swept Waves:

Now, this style is a total winner. Why, you ask? It accentuates the asymmetry of your dress. Sweep your curls to the side opposite your dress’s strap. This gives balance to your look, and trust me, it’s downright glamorous.

Sleek Ponytail:

I bet you didn’t think of that one, right? A sleek, high ponytail can give you a sophisticated yet edgy look. It pulls the focus towards your dress, ensuring all eyes are on it. Plus, it’s practical – your hair won’t get in your way!

Messy Bun:

Looking for a chic, effortless look? Say hello to the messy bun. It’s casual, yet elegant. Perfect if you’re attending a day event or if you just prefer an updo.

Half Up Half Down:

Can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down? Get the best of both worlds! A half up half down hairstyle works particularly well with loose curls. It’s romantic, it’s feminine, and yes, it complements your one-shoulder dress beautifully.

Short Hair Tucked Behind the Ear:

Who says short hair limits your options? If you have a bob or lob, simply tucking your hair behind your ears can make a statement. It draws attention to your dress and your face. Simple and stylish.

5 Style Tips for Wearing a One-Shoulder Dress

Proper Undergarments:

Make sure you wear a strapless or adhesive bra with a one-shoulder dress to keep the focus on the dress itself.

Minimalistic Approach:

Since the dress is a statement in itself, aim for minimalistic accessories.

Balance Your Jewelry:

If your dress is elaborate, keep your jewelry simple. If it’s simple, you can opt for more extravagant jewelry.

Choose Complementing Shoes:

An elegant pair of heels typically works well with one-shoulder dresses.

Clutch Purse:

A small clutch purse can complement your look without detracting from your dress.

What Not to Wear With a One-Shoulder Dress

One-shoulder dresses are a statement in their own right. They are a delicate balance of drama and elegance. Therefore, certain accessories and items may not work well with this style. Here’s what you should avoid:

Overbearing Shoulder Bags:

The unique appeal of a one-shoulder dress is the exposed shoulder. Large shoulder bags can interfere with this feature, causing your outfit to look cluttered. Instead, opt for a clutch or a handbag.

Chunky Necklaces:

While it might be tempting to adorn your neck with a heavy, chunky necklace, it can often compete with the neckline of your dress. A more subtle piece, or no necklace at all, can help to maintain focus on your dress.

Shawls and Scarves:

These items tend to cover up the unique asymmetrical line of your dress. If you’re cold, consider a stylish cropped jacket that keeps the one-shoulder design visible.

Competing Patterns:

If your one-shoulder dress has a pattern or print, avoid adding accessories with competing patterns. This could create a chaotic look.

Overly Flashy Earrings:

If you’re skipping the necklace and going for statement earrings, remember not to pick overly large or flashy ones. They could pull attention away from your dress. Balance is key.



What kind of necklace can you wear with a one shoulder dress?

With a one-shoulder dress, you may want to consider opting for an asymmetrical necklace to balance out the look. If you prefer to keep it simple, a minimalist choker can also look stunning. For a more dramatic effect, forgo the necklace entirely and choose statement earrings instead.

Should a necklace be worn with an off the shoulder dress?

It’s not necessary to wear a necklace with an off-shoulder dress. However, if you choose to do so, a choker or short necklace that falls above the neckline can be a flattering choice. For a more minimalist look, consider wearing a long, pendant necklace that aligns with the V of the neckline.

How to wear a one shoulder dress?

When accessorizing an off-shoulder dress, it’s all about balance. Statement earrings, cuff bracelets, or even a bold cocktail ring can enhance your look. If you wish to wear a necklace, opt for one that doesn’t compete with the neckline. A thin choker or pendant necklace would work well. Additionally, consider a stylish belt to accentuate your waist.

How do you accessorize an off-shoulder dress?

When accessorizing an off-shoulder dress, it’s all about balance. Statement earrings, cuff bracelets, or even a bold cocktail ring can enhance your look. If you wish to wear a necklace, opt for one that doesn’t compete with the neckline. A thin choker or pendant necklace would work well. Additionally, consider a stylish belt to accentuate your waist.

Are one shoulder dresses flattering?

Yes, one-shoulder dresses are universally flattering. They elegantly showcase the collarbone and shoulders, creating an attractive line that draws the eye. The asymmetry of a one-shoulder dress can add interest to your look, and the style suits various body types.

Is it OK to wear a one shoulder dress to a wedding?

Absolutely, it’s acceptable to wear a one-shoulder dress to a wedding. It’s an elegant and fashionable choice that is appropriate for both formal and semi-formal occasions. However, remember to consider the dress code and the cultural and religious customs of the wedding before making your final decision.

What type of earrings work best with a one-shoulder dress?

The best type of earrings to pair with a one-shoulder dress are ones that enhance the asymmetry and elegance of the dress design. Statement earrings, chandelier earrings, or long drop earrings can be particularly striking. For a simpler look, try a pair of studded or minimal hoop earrings.

Can I mix gold and silver jewelry with a one-shoulder dress?

Absolutely! Mixing gold and silver jewelry with a one-shoulder dress can create an interesting and modern look. It’s all about balance and harmony. Try to maintain a balance of both metals throughout your look and consider your outfit’s color palette to ensure everything flows together.

What kind of bracelet should I wear with a one-shoulder dress?

When wearing a one-shoulder dress, consider donning a cuff bracelet or stacked bangles on the opposite arm of the dress’s strap to balance the asymmetry. For a more minimalist look, a delicate chain or tennis bracelet can add a touch of sophistication.

Can I wear a statement ring with a one-shoulder dress?

Yes, a statement ring can be an excellent accessory for a one-shoulder dress. It’s a great way to add a pop of color or add interest to your ensemble without overpowering the dress itself. If you’re wearing other statement jewelry pieces, make sure your ring complements them without looking overly busy.

Wrapping Up

Accessorizing a one-shoulder dress can be tricky, but with the right knowledge, you can enhance your outfit perfectly. Balance is key, and now you know how to achieve it.

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