Ultimate Guide to Piercings for Men In 2024

Guide to Piercings for Men

Body piercings have become an increasingly popular form of self-expression among men today. From edgy ear studs to understated facial jewelry, guys are embracing piercings to show off their personal style. If you’re a man considering getting pierced, there are a few key things to know beforehand:

  • Sterile technique is critical – always ensure piercers use single-use needles and follow sanitization practices. This prevents infection.
  • Not all skin types are suited for certain piercings – discuss anatomy with your piercer. For example, some men don’t have the right shaped cartilage for industrials.
  • Start small – consider getting an earlobe or helix piercing first to gauge pain tolerance and healing ability.
  • Be prepared for the healing process – piercings require consistent aftercare like sea salt soaks to heal well.
  • Know your lifestyle limits – if your job prohibits facial jewelry, opt for discreet ear piercings.

Ready to learn more?

In this ultimate guide, we cover the most popular piercing options for men, outlining what to expect regarding pain, healing time, costs, and visibility. Keep reading for insider info!

Ear Piercings

Ear piercings offer guys a range of edgy and subtle options. From classic lobes to the upper helix, ear piercings are a popular first step for men new to getting pierced.


Lobe piercings are the most common and versatile ear piercings for guys. The lobule area doesn’t contain many nerves, making this a virtually painless piercing. Healing takes just 6-8 weeks. Studs or small hoops provide a masculine look, and lobes can be easily hidden under hair for professionalism.


The tragus is the small flap in front of the ear canal. This area has lots of nerve endings, so tragus piercings cause a brief sharp pinch. Healing runs for 3-6 months. With hair or a hat, tragus studs can be concealed. This is a more discreet “guy” piercing.


Helix piercings go along the upper ear cartilage rim. Pain varies depending on location. Healing takes 3-9 months. Hoops and studs here give an edgy, masculine vibe. Further back placements can be hidden by hair if needed.

Ear Piercings men

Men Facial Piercings

Facial piercings allow men to make subtle yet impactful style statements. Small studs and rings can transform your look without being over-the-top. Many facial piercings have quicker healing times as well.


Eyebrow piercings go through the skin above the eyebrow ridge. Since this area is thin, it usually involves minimal pain. Healing time averages 6-8 weeks. An eyebrow barbell or circular barbell provides an edgy style while remaining semi-concealed by the brow. It can be easily covered with makeup for professional settings.

Ultimate Guide to Piercings for Men In 2024


The septum piercing goes through the thin cartilage separating your nostrils. It’s commonly done with small circular barbells. Pain is minimal, although eyes may water during the piercing. Full healing takes 2-3 months, sometimes up to 6 months. Septum rings are quite subtle and can be flipped up inside the nose to easily hide the piercing when needed.

men Septum piercing


A classic nostril or nose piercing goes through one side of the nostril. Studs or small hoops are commonly worn. Nostril piercings involve a sharp pinch but heal relatively quickly within 2-3 months. Jewelry is noticeable but still understated enough for professional environments.


Labret piercings are located under the lower lip, placed centrally or off to one side. This area may be prone to swelling and irritation during the 4-6 week healing period. Labrets showcase your style while remaining subtle enough for the workplace with petite studs or hoops.


Lip piercings come in several forms, including a single lip piercing centrally placed under the lip or off to one side. They heal within 6-8 weeks but can be prone to damage from eating and drinking. Rings or studs show off your edgy style. They aren’t highly concealable but can fit with professional environments in subtle shapes and metals.

men Lip piercing

Body Piercings

Piercings on the body make bold statements for men. From edgy nipple piercings to lower waistline adornments, body piercings allow guys to accessorize areas beyond the face and ears. Just keep in mind that healing times tend to be longer for body piercings.


Nipple piercings provide an edgy, modern look on men. The nipples contain many nerves, so pain levels can be moderate to high. Healing takes 3-6 months. Barbells or rings highlight the chest while remaining subtle under clothing. Nipple piercings make a bold statement.

Belly Button

Belly button or navel piercings accentuate the abdominal area. Pain is usually minimal. Healing time is 4-6 months. A navel curve or dangle subtly draws attention. Belly button rings offer a masculine flair.


Dermal piercings involve a micro-anchor inserted under the skin. Areas like the hip, wrist, or chest can be accentuated. Pain varies based on location. Healing takes 2-3 months. Dermals create an edgy style for men, with many subtle placement options.

men dermal piercing

Hip Dermal

Hip dermal highlight the pelvic area discreetly. Pain levels are moderate and healing takes 2-3 months. Small flat-back studs or charms project a rugged hip style when desired. Hip dermals can be hidden by clothing for the office.


Frenum piercings go through the penile frenulum. Lorum piercings pass horizontally through the penile shaft skin. These genital piercings provide stimulation but have high pain levels. Healing takes 4-6 weeks. Bars and rings here offer an intensely masculine style.

The Piercing Process

Alright, you’re considering getting a piercing, but where do you start? The first step is critical: choosing who’s going to pierce you.

Choosing the Right Professional

For men getting pierced, the importance of finding the right professional cannot be overstated. You want someone who not only understands the aesthetic you’re aiming for but is also sensitive to the unique concerns that men might have, such as placement that complements facial structure or body type.

What to Expect During the Piercing Procedure

The process for men is similar to anyone getting pierced, but men often have questions about pain tolerance and healing times, especially for piercings in more sensitive areas. A good piercer will address this head-on, giving you a clear idea of what to expect.

Aftercare: Ensuring Proper Healing

The aftercare process for men’s piercings is straightforward but requires diligence. Due to lifestyle or type of employment, men might need to consider bandages or clothing that protect the piercing, particularly in physically demanding jobs.

The Critical First Weeks

The initial weeks after getting a piercing are all about cleanliness and care. Avoiding infection is paramount. For men, this might mean a change in routine, such as taking a break from certain sports or activities that could irritate the piercing.

Long-term Care and Maintenance

Long-term care for men’s piercings includes regular cleaning and occasional check-ups with your piercer to ensure everything is healing as it should. For facial piercings, this might also mean learning about how to manage piercings with daily shaving routines.

Risks and Considerations

Men should be aware of the risks of piercing, which can include infection and prolonged healing, and should also consider how a piercing might impact their daily lives, including their professional image.

Potential Complications: Knowing the Risks

Physical complications can happen, and men need to be vigilant about signs of infection or rejection. Being informed about the risks associated with the specific type of piercing you’re getting is crucial.

Allergies and Sensitivities: What You Need to Know

Men may not be aware of certain metal sensitivities they have. It’s important to choose materials that are safe and hypoallergenic to avoid any adverse reactions.

Customization and Jewelry Choices

When selecting jewelry, men might want to consider pieces that are both masculine and in line with their personal style. The market has expanded to offer a range of options that cater specifically to men’s aesthetics.

Selecting the Right Jewelry for Your Style

The type of jewelry you choose is a direct expression of your personal style. For men, the jewelry can be a subtle accent or a bold statement piece, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

The Importance of Quality Materials

Quality is key for any piercing, but for men who may be new to the piercing scene, it’s particularly important to invest in jewelry that will last and won’t cause problems down the line.

The Social and Professional Impact

Piercings in the Workplace

For men, there’s an additional layer of consideration for how a piercing will be perceived in professional settings. Certain industries may have stricter norms, and it’s wise to be prepared for that.

Navigating Social Perceptions

Men may face unique stereotypes or stigma when it comes to piercings. It’s important to be confident in your choice and prepared to handle varied reactions from peers and the public.

Removal and Reversibility

If you’re a guy who’s unsure about the permanence of a piercing, it’s comforting to know that most piercings can be removed if desired.

Can You Take It Back?

Yes, in most cases, you can. However, the decision should still be considered carefully, as some piercings leave more noticeable marks once they’re removed.

The Healing Process Post-Removal

For men considering removal, the healing process is generally simple, but it does require care to ensure proper healing of the skin.


What’s the least painful piercing for guys?

If pain is a top concern, consider lobe, helix, or septum piercings. Lobes and upper ear cartilage have fewer nerves, so light pinch. Septums go through thin nasal tissue, also minimizing discomfort for men.

How long until piercings heal for men?

Healing times for guys depend on area – 6-8 weeks for lobes and up to 9 months for cartilage. Nostrils, eyebrows, and septums heal in 2-3 months. Nipples, dermals, and genital piercings may take up to 6 months for men.

Can I hide piercings at the office?

Many subtle men’s piercings can be concealed for work like ear, nose, eyebrow, or septum studs. Jewelry placement makes a difference. Ask your piercer about removable jewelry or jewelry that can be flipped up discreetly.

What’s the cost for guys’ piercings?

For men, earlobes and facial piercings run $30 – $100, and more complex nipple or genital piercings cost $50 – $200. Prices vary based on studio, jewelry, and piercer experience. Research qualified professionals for safety.

How should guys clean new piercings?

  • Sea salt soaks or saline solution 2x daily is key for guys’ healing piercings.
  • Avoid touching, or changing jewelry early.
  • Watch for infection signs like redness or pus.
  • See your piercer or doctor with any concerns.
  • Stay diligent with aftercare!


We’ve covered the most popular piercings for men, including ear, facial, and body options. There are so many edgy and masculine styles to choose from nowadays.

If you’re interested in getting pierced, remember to do your research and find an experienced professional piercer.

Always follow proper aftercare like sea salt soaks while healing. With proper placement and jewelry, most piercings can be hidden for professional settings if needed. Piercings allow you to express your individuality, so consider which one fits your personal style!

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